Non Ferrous Metal Trading

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Non-Ferrous Scrap

Metal wastes that do not contain large quantities of iron are non-ferrous scrap. These can be base pure metals such as aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, zinc or alloys such as brass and these metals or mixtures thereof, which can contain traces of precious metals such as silver, gold, or platinum or even rare metals.

As many of these metals are widely used and as the natural reserves in a number of cases are becoming scarce, it is increasingly important that these non-ferrous metals are recycled. Furthermore the recycling of these non-ferrous metals is saving a large quantity of CO2 emissions compared to the production of these non-ferrous metals from ore.

Trading such non-ferrous metals and mixtures so that these can be separated and concentrated into the base non-ferrous metals to be smelted before becoming secondary raw materials for the production of new products.

Trading all types of non-ferrous materials as well as complex mixtures of non-ferrous metals. Depending on the quality and composition of the sourced material, the choice will be made how the concentrates are processed.